Kirsten Sawyer
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I am one of the few people actually born and raised in Los Angeles. This is not that weird to me though since everyone I grew up with was born and raised in Los Angeles.

I graduated from the Annenberg School for Communication at USC in 1999. After graduation I followed my lifelong dream of working in television. That lasted about five years until I realized that my real dream was to be a writer. So, now I am a writer. My first novel, Not Quite a Bride, was published in 2007. My second, Not Quite a Mom, came out in 2008.

I am happily married to Hubby #1 with no intention of ever having a Hubby #2. We live in Los Angeles with five-year-old Baby #1 and two-year-old Baby #2.

I love chocolate with a passion that borders on addiction. I also like to bake. Baking with chocolate is my favorite for obvious reasons. My ideal night is watching television while eating a home-baked chocolate treat. Actually, any chocolate treat - I don't really care who made it. My favorite shows are Gossip Girl and Project Runway. I also like The New Adventures of Old Christine and The Office. I love to laugh out loud.

I drink decaf nonfat lattes. Caffeine makes me crazy. I like doing yoga. I got a Wii for Christmas and I'm totally into Wii yoga now.

I hate scary movies and washing Tupperware (washing other dishes doesn't really bother me).

If you want to know more about me, I wrote a list of 25 Things You Don't Know About Me on my Blog.